The IAFOR Conference on Heritage & the City – New York (HCNY)

Manhattan Bridge under construction in 1909, New York, USA.

"Urban Heritage and the Modern City"

The study of cities seems a daunting and ostensibly perpetual task. This may be due to the fact that cities are an imperative requisite in the rise and development of civilisation, products of the momentous shift from a simple way of life to the complex social, political and economic systems that characterise what we call "culture". Cities are organic entities, experiencing constant structural changes that help to rearrange their influence and importance relative to other cities around the globe. While in the past a city's importance was measured in terms of size or political relevance (as in being the capital of a nation), in today's environment a city's prominence is primarily distinguished by the scope and vigour of its economic life and the extent to which it serves as a command and control centre for global capitalism.

On the wake of such structural changes, the city's socio-spatial configuration has experienced significant alterations as diverse urban communities transform in order to contend with the new realities. Thus, descriptions of the modern city require the scholar to reconsider and reinterpret the cultural heritage of an ever-more complex geographical space, enriched by the presence and contributions of new arrivals that bring cultural interpretative proposals that may not harmonise with previously accepted models.

The diversity and otherness of the new city-space requires us to study the city as a sort of cultural heritage collage, with its Chinatowns, Barrios, Harlems and Little Italy neighbourhoods; moreover, it urges us to consider new methodological paradigms that will prove more compatible with the dappled nature of the city. In presenting their work, speakers at The IAFOR Conference on Heritage & the City – New York (HCNY) will address these fundamental questions, keeping in mind that the particular urban environment of each individual city is distinctive and multifaceted. It is hoped that the presenters who graciously agree to attend this conference will help build the concept of "urban heritage" as the foundation for developing pioneering methodologies for the study of cities.

The IAFOR Conference on Heritage & the City – New York (HCNY) is a multidisciplinary conference held at Hofstra University, New York, USA. Keynote, Featured and Spotlight Speakers will provide a variety of perspectives from different academic and professional backgrounds.

In conjunction with IAFOR's Global Partners, we look forward to welcoming you to New York!

The HCNY2018 Organising Committee

Dr Manuel Galofaro, Hofstra University, USA
Dr Joseph Haldane, The International Academic Forum (IAFOR), Japan
Professor Donald E. Hall, Lehigh University, USA
Dr Rodney F. Hill, Hofstra University, USA
Dr Vicente Lledo-Guillem, Hofstra University, USA
Dr Rosemary McGunnigle-Gonzales, Hofstra University, USA
Dr Alfonso J. García Osuna, Hofstra University, USA
Dr Gregory Pell, Hofstra University, USA
Dr Miguel-Angel Zapata, Hofstra University, USA

Key Information
  • Location & Venues: Hofstra University & Long Island Marriott, New York, USA
  • Dates: Wednesday, November 07, 2018 ​to Friday, November 09, 2018
  • Conference Theme: "Urban Heritage and the Modern City"
  • Early Bird Abstract Submission Deadline: June 21, 2018*
  • Final Abstract Submission Deadline: August 23, 2018
  • Registration Deadline for Presenters: September 20, 2018

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New York is one of the world’s greatest cities, and the largest in the USA. Among the world’s major commercial, financial and cultural centres, it sits where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean, and its iconic sites include the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, the beautiful and sprawling Central Park, and the bright lights of Broadway and Times Square.

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